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Our primary focus is pension planning – it is so important that our clients have peace of mind when planning their retirement. Our expertise is primarily in planning for South Africans pensions. We have recently expanded our offering to include foreigners including a competitive QROPS offering. There are strict regulations surrounding UK pensions and we therefore work in partnership to ensure that these obligations are met.


There have been instances in which QROPS have been used to enable payment of sums of money such as 100% lump sums which is in contravention of the laws governing pensions, and in response to this, the government has issued the terms governing QROPS. Therefore the government makes it clear that Qrops shall be used to transfer pensions in instances where one takes up residence elsewhere or intends to do so permanently and continues to save.


The indivdual shall be bound by UK tax rules that apply to pension savings transferred from a UK pension scheme and the individual shall pay any UK tax charges that arise in relation to the transfer. The individual must use the services of the HMRC where necessary and must pay any tax charges that may arise in this instance as well.


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