You may think that blogging for income is a difficult thing to do, but in fact, it is not. Setting up a blog is very easy these days, and it’s quite simple to monetize your blog, too. In the following, we will explain a few ways you can make money from your blog.

Before we talk about the monetizing options, however, there are a couple fundamental things to keep in mind when trying to make money by blogging.

First of all, you must know your stuff – having excellent knowledge of the topics you are blogging about, is crucial. Blogging for income works best if you have an interest in and experience on the matters you will be writing about.

Next, prove yourself as an expert in your niche. In order to become the expert of the topics you are blogging about, you may need to narrow your niche so that you can be very focused with your writing. Even if you have good knowledge as well as experience in your area, you will probably need to educate yourself further to outperform your competitors. Make sure your information is useful and interesting and relevant to your audience.

Then, express your personality, so that your readers get to know you and trust you and like you. Keeping a loyal audience is all about creating confidence and making relationships, and they need to know that you are a real, genuine human being. Therefore, be honest, be yourself, so even though not everybody might be going to like you, they will respect you.

When blogging for income, here are the best ways to monetize your blog:

Google AdSense Ads

Millions of people and companies are advertising on Google. Google places ads on their own search pages, and also on other people’s websites all over the globe. This advertising system is called AdSense. You can see AdSense ads on this very page (above left).

Anybody can have AdSense ads on their blogs or web pages. The way you earn money from it is when a visitor clicks on an ad on your blog, you get paid an amount of money for that click. The amount can vary from a few cents to several dollars per click. It’s easy to put AdSense ads on your blog, and it’s free, so this is an excellent way to make money with a blog.

Selling Your Own Products

If you have or can make products of your own, you can sell them on your blog. For example, you can create an ebook or other informational product related to your niche. Or you can buy a product with resell rights, or outsource the task. You can also do selling by dropshipping.

If you are selling digital products, the whole process can be automated, which makes blogging for income very simple by using a service like You are not limited to digital products, though, for your blogging business. At sites like Cafepress, Pikistore, Zazzle and many others you can create your own products which you can sell.

Affiliate Business

Another popular method for monetizing your blog is to promote affiliate products and services. There are many places you can find products to promote on your blog:

ClickBank offers digital products like ebooks, software, e-courses and many more. Physical goods you can find on Amazon, LinkShare and Commission Junction. On Azoogle and Neverblue you can find pay-per-action programs.

In addition, there are plenty of companies and businesses who have their own affiliate programs. You will no doubt come across such sites from time to time.

Make sure the products you promote on your blog are related to your blog’s niche or theme. Affiliate business can make blogging for income quite easy to do, with the potential to make you money on automation.

Combining AdSense and Affiliate

It’s no problem to use a mix of methods, especially combining AdSense and promoting affiliate products. That way you may make more money from your blog, as your readers have different interests and consequently take different actions on your blog.

It also depends what kind of blog you have and in what niche you are which monetization options are the best. You will have to test it out to see what the optimal solution will be.

The above-mentioned ways to blogging for income are the most popular and easiest to implement. Best of all, they can be set to run on autopilot, thus making you a consistent passive income. When everything is set up, the only thing you will have to do is getting visitors to your blog.